Avoid Straining Your Delicate Eyes with a Pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Avoid Straining Your Delicate Eyes with a Pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Blue light is the common terminology used for high energy visible light or HEV light. About one-third of visible light comprises blue light. If you are wondering where this light originates, then know that sunlight is the biggest source of blue light. However, we are exposed to blue light when we sit in front of tablets, computers, smartphones, and other digital devices. But since our lifestyle is way too dependent on technology, we spend most of our waking hours in front of some of the other digital screens. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that we are increasingly exposed to the blue light emission on a regular basis. This may impact our health severely.


But if there is a problem, there has to be a solution as well. Blue light blocking glasses serve as the ultimate barrier between our eyes and the harmful blue light. These eyewears are highly effective in offering you protection against conditions like computer vision syndrome and excessive straining of your eyes. At the same time, you won’t have to compromise upon the quality of your vision.


Do I really have to use a pair of blue light blocking glasses?


If you spend the majority of your day in front of screens, then yes, blue light blocking glasses should be a part of your daily life. These eye wears are suitable for those who:

  • Does not require any vision correction
  • Are presbyopic
  • Are Myopic
  • Require bifocal lenses
  • Need progressive lenses
  • Require a sharper focus and seek clear vision


What is digital eye strain, and are blue light glasses effective enough to avoid it?

If anyone is suffering from digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome, then he or she will start experiencing uneasiness after a few hours of exposure to digital screens. One may experience symptoms like headache, dry eyes, fatigue eyes, blurry vision, pain in the back, shoulders, and neck, etc.

Blue light blocking glasses, if purchased from reputed sites like Vision Direct, can offer exemplary results. Do not go after anycheap glasses. Instead, choose a brand that delivers what it promises. Vision Direct has been offering high-end blue light blocking glasses, which are super effective in offering protection against digital eye strain.

In case you have decided about getting yourself a pair of blue light blocking glasses, Vision Direct should be your go-to platform to select the best pair which falls in your budget, suits your style and meets your requirement as well.

Top 2 blue light blocking glasses which are worth the shot!


  • Arise Collective Jackson Blue Light 002: If you are someone who is always up for square-shaped full rim glasses, then this one is definitely for you. These glasses are an example of top-notch craftsmanship and innovative ideas. This dark tortoise will suit any face despite the complexion. Also, the design of the eyewear is quite modern and unique. It is not like any other regular blue light blocking eyewear. Since the frame is made up of acetate, you need not worry about the frame being too heavy to wear.

Arise Collective Jackson Blue Light 002


  • Tom Ford FT5661-B Blue Light Block 001: This one is for all the nerdy and cute boys out there. The shiny black color will enhance your appearance and make you look attractive and smart. The square-shaped full-rim glass will make your jaw lines look sharper. Because of the plastic frame, it will be an exceedingly light-weight one.

Tom Ford FT5661-B Blue Light Block 001




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