5 Security Tips to Keep your Elderly Relative Safe in Their Home

by aamirsayhi | October 12, 2021 4:43 am

5 Security Tips to Keep Your Elderly Relative Safe in Their Home

Are you worried about the home safety of your elderly relative? Home is the place we make our own. It is where we bring friends and build families, the place we eat and laugh and cry. It is part of ourselves. So, it’s no wonder that 85% of people over the age of 65 want to stay in their own homes. Ageing at home can be successful so long as there is proper planning and preparation in place.

If you have an elderly relative who is able to live in their own home, you may be worried about their safety. Aside from concerns you may have for their physical safety within the house, you should also be concerned with keeping their home protected against robbery.

Did you know that nearly 30% of residential burglaries occur while a household member is present? Unfortunately, even if your loved one does not leave their home very frequently, they can still be at risk. Here are five security tips to keep your elderly relative safe in their home:

#1 Check the exterior of the home

Burglars love an easy target when it comes to perpetrating a home robbery, so it’s important not to accidentally make it easier for an intruder to break in. Items stored outside a residence could help a burglar break in. Consider whether the following items could be stored away from street view:

All these items can help a burglar break into a property. Keep garden tools locked in a garden shed, never hide keys outside the home and try to minimize the number of bricks and large rocks surrounding the house.

#2 Check security doors and windows

Be sure to inspect all windows and doors to ensure they are secure. Homes without security doors are more likely to be targeted by burglars because they appear more vulnerable. Studies show that more than a third of home robberies involve an intruder gaining entry through the front door. If your elderly relative’s home does not have a security door installed, or if their security door is faulty or outdated, call Jim’s Security Door Melbourne[1] for a free quote on 13 15 46.

#3 Install proper locks

Never underestimate the importance of a solid door and lock, even behind a security door or window. Although Jim’s Security Doors are manufactured in Melbourne to exceed the Australian safety standards, this protection is only effective if the security door is actually locked! A backup security lock installed on a heavy front door can offer additional protection if your elderly relative forgets to use their locks. That’s why it is so important to…

#4 Make sure your relative is using these security measures!

They may be accustomed to leaving a back door unlocked or a window open, for example. Open and unlocked doors are the most common method of entry for robbers. Educate your elderly relative on the importance of using their security doors and windows at all times, even if they are only popping out to the shops or are still in the home.

#5 Check the outdoor lighting

A well-lit property provides safety for your elderly relative when coming and going at night. Good lighting can also deter criminals from targeting their homes. Front lights should be strong enough to illuminate the entrance and front yard. You should also note dark areas around the sides of the house and angle a light towards these places to provide fewer places for burglars to hide.

By checking the exterior of your loved one’s home, installing Security doors[2] and windows, and educating your elderly relative about the importance of security, your elderly relative can plan on aging safely in their own home. For Property Conveyancing Brisbane[3] you can also contact our very friendly and professional team.

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